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A Rant on "The Genetic Lottery" by Kathryn Paige Harden

Published onDec 16, 2022
A Rant on "The Genetic Lottery" by Kathryn Paige Harden

Personally, it is so weird being black. You tell people that being poor inhibits my chance at a life of liberty in the pursuit of happiness. And they say bet, let me test your genes tho. You tell people that the barrier of entry to higher education creates inequitable outcomes. But they ask, can I map your genetics to verify that? You tell people access to food, water, and shelter has an impact on the quality of their life and they say, mmm, I'm not convinced, let us do a longitudinal 14-year study. You tell people I need a support system as a parent to raise my child and it's "welfare queen says what". You tell people hey, the death penalty is a horrible thing that is rarely used and is applied to black people more so than others. They say lemme use your DNA to tell the jury why you inherited making bad choices. All that's standing in the way of good research is racism and wokism(how these too get conflated is probably racist btw) apparently. We may have created an entire state to address these concerns but now, more than ever genetic testing is what we need. Make no mistake, the future of genetics will be about ensuring inequitable access to revolutionary biological developments that may extend the life of the children and grandchildren of our global elite.

However, genetic inheritability can disadvantage certain genetic clusters which can have a impact on racial gaps. I question whether the entire population of AA falls in line with the population she examines and why racial gaps arise due to genetic inheritance. It would be nice to hear that.

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