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A Brief and Impassioned Review of Hamilton the Musical and my Love/Mostly Hate Relationship with America

Yes, it is because of slavery. Still. But also prison, red lining, and the usual systematic injustice.
Published onMay 01, 2023
A Brief and Impassioned Review of Hamilton the Musical and my Love/Mostly Hate Relationship with America
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Here me out. I love black washing US history. We all know Beethoven was black. I am convinced Pushkin only ever really fired on D’anthes after D’anthes used the n word, alledgedly. I am not here to provide proof, I’m just saying.

I can go all day with black washing history but Hamilton has reveled most of it is wishful thinking. Like of course Pushkin didn’t fye on D’anthes for the n world, allegedly. My spite for European treatment of… a lot, kinda ruins my love for black washing history. At least as much as any other order to restrict freedom kinda ruins the fun of history. My grandmother didn’t pick cotton as a child because of the Ottomans though.

While listening to Hamilton I cannot exist in a position where viewing the events unfolding are unconditionally positive for me. I mean at best Aaron Burr gives life to an abolitionist, alledgedly.

Meanwhile Hamilton at the side of a man with slave teeth. How that work?

I do not wanna hear you one more time king. Boooo!!!! Beat it!!! You got teeth to remove from your slaves. Go home roger.

Now I say all that but my moral high ground is kinda ruined when Lin Manuel Miranda says his name is Alexander Hamilton. I mean this is worlds longest running democracy. They did not explicitly write race and class into the Bill of Rights technically, which is like kinda cool, maybe a low bar given the liberty a pretty important thing then, alledgedly. But the shit slap. The example Washington set by leaving office was revolutionary in an era of Bolivars and Napoleons(one and two). This is the world’s longest lived democracy. By the time raisse your glasss to freeeedom comes on I’m in. For just a second I feel patriotic. And I am like “is this what white people feel all the time???? like they belong to a historical struggle for freedom rooted in the founding of the US????“

Then it’s back to massive anti trans legislation and me celebrating when Hamilton ruins his career writing a public letter talking about why he cheated on his wife. Thanks Hamilton for not talking less. THEN the bozo tells his son to attend a duel and NOT shoot. My man you a goof. Big goof Burr smoking on the Hamilton pack.


I suppose my favorite thing about the musical is that Hamilton is a goof and Burr is a dummy. I am moved to set the bar extremely low for large groups of people, which is cathartic.

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