A full stack app built with React, Go, GCP, postgres, and Heroku. The app is designed to make transfers between personal accounts easier.

Health Risk Analysis

Used jupyter notebook, pandas, numpy, and seaborn for exploratory data analysis on NY mental health data to inspect factors that influence severe mental illness. I also developed an XGB classification model that has +80% accuracy

Time Series Modeling

Modeling stress trends with ARIMA models.

AirBnB Optimal Price

Flask api that provides a prediction of Austin TX area airbnb rental price.

Saltiest Hacker Ranking

Deployed django API that performed NLP analysis on data from the ©HackerNews API.


Used big data tools such as AWS SageMaker, S3, EC2, and EMR, Hadoop, Spark, and Livy to investigate potential cases of dual use nuclear material being exported by Russian companies. This involved collaborating with other members and providing NLP solutions to 70GB of trade information

  • *Not available for release


Using FastAPI and Huggingface, I created an API that will return; generated text, sentiment analysis, generative chat dialog, and enity recognition that can be used for any API capable process.


Using Huggingface, React, FastAPI, and MongoDB, I built an application that creates generative dialog. The user is allowed to choose among philosophers , activist, and personalities. The Huggingface library implements many NLP transformer models. DialoGPT is used for conversation and GPT-2 for generation. Text is pulled from MongoDB and fed into the generative model. That is then input into DialoGPT.

Trace Lab

Built our lab website using Next.js, npm, React, SCSS

Skills and Interst

Scikit learn, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Pandas, numpy, Jupyter Notebook, Seaborn, FastAPI, Flask, Django, React, node, NextJs, GraphQL, MongoDB, postgresSQL, S3, EC2, EMR, SageMaker, Git, Heroku, Netlify, Go, Cloud Development, Azure DevOps


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